Highlighting beauty

I'm glad to see that you're as detail-oriented and a little bit car-crazy as I am. My name is Florian Schneider and I discover all the cars and details you see here with my constant partner Fuji, while working as a creative director in Munich.

My actual profession is where the attention to detail comes from. It goes far beyond the actual picture. To make sure that you also love the quality, countless test prints with various materials take place before a print finally becomes part of the shop. 

Restoring beauty  

When I'm not getting lost in details or eating my way through Europe & Asia, I like to breathe life back into old cars like my old 944 named Ferdi. After 20 years of beauty sleep in a barn he now chases over mountain passes again.

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Enough talk. Have fun browsing and if you have any special wishes, feel free to contact me, we can realise (almost) everything.